Global Internship Conference

The Global International Internship Congress was born in 1999 with the first congress being held in Mazatlan, Mexico, started by Dr. Rick Paulsen, Professor of Community, Agriculture, Recreation & Resource Studies at Michigan State University, and Dr. Daniel D. Ferguson then Professor of Michigan State University, and now Professor of Health, Human Performance & Recreation at Pittsburgh State University. The scope of the conference took off with the 2003 Congress, held in Stuttgart, Germany, whereover 100 participants represented approximately thirteen countries. For the first time there was representation from the continent of Africa and a record number of papers on this important subject of growing international interest. Here is what Professors Paulsen and Ferguson had to say about the Stuttgart conference: “The congress would have been impossible to conduct without the generous assistance of the VWA Studienakademie University of Cooperative Education in Stuttgart as well as the sponsorship of Daimler Chrysler, the local Chamber of Industry and Commerce, our field trip hosts Robert Bosch Company, IBM and Daimler Chrysler in Stuttgart. We also want to acknowledge our other three sponsoring universities: Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Michigan State University, and Pittsburg State University. We are grateful to all of our conference presenters, those who have submitted papers for this proceedings and our managing editor Ariel Rodríguez who has made a major contribution to this congress and last. We also want to thank Andreas Wenserit for his outstanding leadership in organizing the conference, making logistical arrangements and so many things that made the conference very special and a meaningful part of the 75th Anniversary celebration of VWA Studienakademie University of Cooperative Education. We are also appreciative of the staff and Mr. Thomas Keppler for their hard work on behalf of the congress.”

The conference continued to mature and, following a second European location, had its first Asian appearance in South Korea in 2007. Since  2012, with a change of leadership to include the Academic Internship Council, and renaming of conference to the Global Internship Conference, the conference has grown to include presenters and attendees from over twenty different countries debating wide-ranging issues such as best practices, diversity, paid and unpaid placements, and government policies. 

Past Conference Locations

1999 Mazatlan, Mexico

2001 Montery, Mexico

2003 Stuttgart, Germany

2005 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2007 Daegu, South Korea

2010 Monterey, Mexico (postponed)

2012 Berkeley, California, USA

2013 Singapore

2014 Toronto, Canada

2015 Dublin, Ireland - June 10

2015 Dublin, Ireland - June 11