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Singapore 2013 Conference Proceedings

University and Provider Collaboration on China Internships - photo

University and Provider Collaboration on China Internships

Luika Bankson, Asia Pacific Marketing Manager, CRCC Asia; Rhys Palmer, Director of Confucius Institute, The University of Newcastle; Fiona Tschuat, Manager of Leadership & Community Connections, University of Technology Sydney -,,

Using a case study approach we will examine the process of establishing a mutually beneficial partnership to provide students an international work integrated learning (WIL) experience in China. Topics will include selecting an internship program provider, building a successful and sustainable partnership, developing an internship program that enhances graduate attributes, personally and professionally, and how these contribute to students’ career-readiness in a global competitive world.

Increase awareness of the value and importance of integrating an international internship program into the university curriculum

Motivate others to take the initiative and develop their own beneficial partnerships

Provide vital criteria for selecting a reliable internship provider

Outline a step by step process for integrating the program into the curriculum

Introduce ways to subsidize or fund the program to increase student mobility to China

Summary of the Presentation:

We will introduce and give background on CRCC Asia and its relationship with the University of Technology Sydney and the University of Newcastle, Australia. We will mention last year’s presentation about setting up internship programs in China and examine the benefits of international work experience opposed to study abroad. We will then discuss the process of establishing a partnership with a university and the added benefit for the students’ professional and personal development resulting from the relationship. We will also discuss the benefits from a university prospective of partnering with a program provider, the process of finding a trusted provider and the process of obtaining financial and institutional support. Finally we will share how a university benefits from sponsoring students on these international experiences

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will gain knowledge as to the importance and benefits of an international WIL internship program as opposed to more traditional study abroad options.

Participants will learn the ins and outs of establishing a partnership with an internship provider and ensuring that the joint program is supported institutionally and financially.

Using a case study approach, participants will learn how an international WIL internship program contributes to students’ academic and professional success.


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